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3DP Basics
Start here. This goes over the basic theory of bed leveling (tramming) once you get this you will have learned 90% of what you need to learn to successfully 3d print without pulling your hair out :-)
Taking apart and assembling the typicaly creality style bowden hot end correctly to avoid leaking clogging etc..
How and why eccentric wheels on rails work and how to adjust them properly ie not too tight not too lose.
Adjusting the alignment of the Z axis rod so it does not bind and cause banding in your prints. Here we go over how the motion system and guidance system works (rods belts rails) and why you don't want them hard coupled.
Hot end, Extruder, Feeder, Tramming, Eccentric Wheel, What do these things mean? In this video we go over basic common terminology used in 3D printing to describe the parts of your printer.
Larger CR-10 Plus sized printers have an issue sometimes. The cable set running to the hot end can droop down and get into your print. Thsi is how you fix it with a 10min print and a Dollar store pruchase.
How to remove parts from your 3D printer without damaging the part or the print surface and without hurting yourself