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What is the ETP Protocol?

Its very simple. We trick congress into making political cannabalism legal. That's it. Then we can enact the ETP protocol. ETP - Eat The Politicians

Wait. don't freak out. Stop and think about it. when a politician is bad. we eat them. you might be thinking gross or a lot of bloodshed. In really it's not that bad. I suspect we would only have to eat 4 or 5 of them to get some really solid results

I mean think about it. after eating number 5. slicing him up off a spit on live television and feeding him buffet style to hungry fed up american citizens. What exactly do you think #6 is going to do?

Well I suspect he or she would have 3 choices.

1 Run. Flee the country. (trust me they taste better when they run)
2 Join us at the table as dinner
3 Do any damned thing we tell them to do.

Think about how simple and logical and effective this could be. with minial deaths we could fix politics in this nation inside of a generation. just by eating 4 or 5 of them.

in a generation or two there will be precisely 1 political party left in the country.

Obedient to the constitution or Dinner.



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